Panorama Sky Lounge
3 April, 2015
Mocha Coffee Bar & Bistro
7 April, 2015


Aranlex Consulting, LLC. is an Operational Excellence & Business Engineering Management and Consulting Company dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs, Managers and Directors from different organizations servicing the Manufacturing, Service and Hotel & Tourism Industries to identify and pursue new business opportunities and strategies for sustainable growth within their organizations. We developed an Operational Excellence Consulting Program in which the most valuables Engineering, Continuous Improvement (Lean-Sigma) & Project Management concepts are applied in the design, development and implementation of the operation of a business or organization. We combined the used of technology and scientific methods to design, develop and implement new future oriented forms of businesses with reference to the customer and market needs. Our focus is based on helping orgaizations to achieve Operational Excellence through the identification of areas of opportunities within all departments or areas of an organization. Our consultants design, develop, implement and monitor project results that may lead to productivity, efficiency, employee/customer satisfaction and quality improvements, innovation or cost reduction. SERVICES: 1. Business Engineering Consulting Services 2. Operational Excellence Consulting Services 3. Business Technology Administration & Management